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Today, Whitepages.com is the biggest identity data curator in the U.S., offering consumers caller ID apps and major brands access to accurate data, security, and fraud protection.- Yahoo Business


We’re giving a real identity to every person and business in the digital world.

Whitepages is leading the tech industry by offering services built with the best contact data in North America. Created for individuals and businesses, Whitepages helps people make connections and allows them to verify real identities in the digital world.

With a database of more than 250 million profiles, Whitepages empowers people every day to find, understand, and verify personal and business identities. That data is the foundation for two hugely popular platforms: Whitepages.com and Whitepages Pro, a thriving API and Web-based service for businesses.

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Tax Season Is Upon Us: Fight the IRS Phone Scam With New Auto-Blocker From Whitepages

With the April 18th Tax Day deadline looming, IRS scam calls are at an all time high. Whitepages, the leading source for caller identification and phone spam detection in North America, today released a new and improved version of its Whitepages ID app for Android.

Whitepages ID Launches Its Spam Detection App for Windows 10

Whitepages, the leading source for contact information and phone protection services in the US, has announced the release of its famed Caller ID technology for Windows 10 Mobile operating systems. Whitepages ID, available in the Microsoft App Store, helps users manage their phone communications by identifying unknown incoming calls and texts, and allows users to block annoying spam calls and texts.

Whitepages Partners with Samsung to Bring its Leading Caller Identification and Spam Detection Service to the Galaxy S7

Whitepages is bringing its leading caller ID and spam detection service to the Galaxy S7. Coming to Galaxy S7 users in 16 countries is a seamless experience, built right into the phone (no app required!) that helps identify unknown callers and protect users-like-you against the growing nuisance of phone spam and scams.

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